Office 365 and MS Teams How To Videos

Video 6 for Pupils: Completing homework set in your Class Notebook

This video talks you through how to find homework set by your teacher into your 'Class Notebook' area

Video 5 Completing homework assignments on an IPAD

Video to demonstrate how to access, complete and submit homework on an IPAD

Video 4 Apps for your Ipad

This short video explains the free apps that are required if you are using an Ipad to access MS Teams and complete assignments

Video 3 for Pupils Completing Homework Tasks

This video shows pupils how to complete their Homework tasks through MS Teams

Video 2 for Pupils Logging into MS Teams

This video shows pupils how to access their MS Teams homepage

Video 1 Logging Into Office 365 for Pupils

This video takes you through how to access your Office 365 account on a Windows machine, using the Google Chrome browser

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